What happens during our Sunday meeting

We Sing

The message about Jesus Christ is good news for all kinds of people.  In the Bible, we’re encouraged to “make a joyful noise” and “sing wholeheartedly” in response to this good news!

Singing is therefore an important part of our meetings.  When we sing together, we are able to respond joyfully to the things that God has done for us.  

We Pray

Jesus has opened a way for us to be near to God.  When we trust in Jesus, we can anticipate that God will listen to us when we pray, and that He will respond in a loving way to our prayers.

Prayer is therefore an important part of our meetings.  Through our prayers, we are able to say “thank you” to God for everything he provides, and ask for his help in our own lives and in the lives of others.

We Listen

God speaks to us today through the Bible.  In this book, we learn about God’s plan for humanity, and we can read His promises to help us if we trust in Him.  We also find accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and how those events matter to us now.

When we read and study the Bible, we can learn what God’s message means for us today.  We discover how to draw closer to God, and He is able to reveal His good plan for our lives.

The Bible is therefore an important part of our meetings.  Someone will teach from a passage in the Bible to help everyone present to have a better understanding, whatever their age or ability.

We Encourage

When we put our trust in Jesus, he makes us members of God's family.  That means we gain lots of brothers and sisters!  As a spiritual family, we therefore seek to love and support each other.

Encouragement is therefore an important part of our meetings, and there are many opportunities for that while we have refreshments after the service.

Another way we encourage each other is by remembering what has brought us into one family - the death of Jesus Christ for us.  We remember his death by communion - the sharing of bread and wine that reminds us of the good things we share in because Jesus died for us.

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