Friday, 20 November 2015

Friday to the Father - 20/11/15

Jesus said: "This then is how you should pray: 'Our Father in heaven...' "
Matthew 6v9

On Fridays, we'll be encouraging you to pray for the church plant, as well as for other local and international churches.

Praise God for His continued provision for us, and for the encouragements we have received over the last week.  We've made contact with a family that have recently moved to the area, and are looking for a worshipping community in Welshpool.  Please pray that God will support and guide them as they settle into their new home.

I preached last Sunday at the local baptist church that we left several months ago.  The Lord gave us good fellowship together, and I felt at liberty to preach.  I'm so glad there has been no animosity between us - it is an important testimony of our unity in Christ.

I'm travelling to West Bromwich this evening with Luke and Ethan (my two eldest sons) to see Matt Redman and Kari Jobe in concert!  Please pray for our safety as we travel, and that God will speak to my sons through the testimonies and songs they hear tonight.

I'll be purchasing some of the equipment for church this weekend.  Getting a laptop solely for church use will be very helpful, as it can often be difficult to access the computer at home!  I'll be seeing the deacon at NEC on Sunday to arrange a meeting about the audio equipment we'll need.  We need to visit the hall we're hiring so that he's able to give the best advice.  Please pray that we'll be able to arrange a time to do that within the next week.

Please pray for the church family.  Each person involved in the church plant has pressures going on in the background.  Praise God for a good meeting last Sunday afternoon, where we were able to share some of those pressures and consider solutions.

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