Friday, 8 January 2016

Friday to the Father - 8/1/16

Jesus said: "This then is how you should pray: 'Our Father in heaven...' "
Matthew 6v9

Praise God for an encouraging couple of weeks.  The Christmas day service and meal went well, with visitors both familiar and unfamiliar, expected and unexpected!  Thank God for the volunteers who helped on the day, and pray that we're able to maintain connections with all those who came.

Young and old being served at the Christmas day meal

Praise God for the encouraging commitment of a family that have recently moved to the area.  Ruth has been coming to our Sunday meetings with her teenaged kids, Callum and Sian.  

Pray for the coming year, as we start to raise the profile of the church within Welshpool.  There are lots of possible ways to do this, but most of these ways require time and energy, which we often don't have a lot of!  Pray that we'll be wise in how we reach out as a church to the community.

Pray also that we'll have church prayer meetings established by the end of the month.  Only the Lord can build the church, and we express our faith in him through our commitment as a church to prayer.

God has provided a job for me (at least for the next few months!) so please pray that I'll be able to do good work.  I now work Tuesdays for the church plant.  Please pray that I'll be able to use my time wisely on that day so that there's less pressure on other days.  

Finally, pray for us as families.  That includes:

Brandon and Charlotte, with Naomi, Malachi, Blake and Elizabeth
Tom and Ruth, with Luke, Ethan, Jadon and Mae  
Ruth and Richard, with Callum and Sian
Lai and Stuart, with Kai, Isla and Aaron

Thank you for your continued prayers.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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