Monday, 11 April 2016

Just Another Melodic Monday - Grace to Grace

If love endured that ancient cross,
How precious is my Saviour's blood!
The beauty of heaven
Wrapped in my shame

The glory of Jesus shines more brightly when we try to understand how far he descended to save us.  We are humbled because we feel dwarfed by his glory, yet at the same time we are lifted up because the love revealed by his sacrifice is equally beyond comprehension.

We know that we cannot demand or earn this love that never lets us go.  We can only receive and then live in it by God's grace - a mercy that unceasingly provides all that we need to be His people and live in His love. 

Here is a song produced by Hillsong that draws our attention to the glory of Christ revealed at the cross, and encourages us to respond to God's grace with praise.   

(Click on the subtitle symbol to get the lyric to appear on screen.)

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